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02 Evniroment Development

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

This week I got to talk with our VFX composer Scott. We discussed about the possibility to achieve the look I wanted and gladly he loves my ideas. Here I listed the reference material I showed to Scott, it is kind of combined futuristic touch screen with the 80s art style.

The VFX working period is settled on the March of 2019, which he and I will working side by side to hammer down details and make revisions. Can't wait to see this happen!

The UI Design:

REF The web collection of the Win98 icons:

The first graphical user interface is the Xerox Alto, in 1973. Then the icons become an efficient way for users to communicate with their computers.

Icons are designed by using a desk metaphor, for example, the folder icon is the yellow folder icon, the player icon is a disk icon…and we are still using those icons!

The first computer at my home is a Windows 98, so, it is a nostalgic choice to get reference from that kind of UI appearance for my film.

The Corridor design:

The interior space of the set is very similar as the space station. All the extra equipment will be hanging/install on the wall; the overall space will be shown in a one-point perspective. Beside keeping coherence with the UI design, my other main reference for the corridor design is from the movie “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” (2005)

Some key element to guide my design: Buttons, lines, Involving many curves, round edge in design, which match with the character design of the robot (as a metaphor that robot is in its home field).

Here is the reference:


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