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#9 How is our production under COVID 19?

Long time no see, my friends. I wish you all have a safe and healthy holiday this summer. The director Glory and I are both staying in China to join our family at this time, and like many of others, the world condition is still tugging at the heart sting of us. We pray for all the people around the world and the dim days can be away sooner.

Due to the virus outbreak, the studio is temperately closed. Our production was freeze for a month to adjust for that change, and with everyone's effort, the team is back on track in May. The major change is that we move our files from google cloud storage to Tencent/Baidu. Because our post-production is more relies on the Chinese team, I managed to have most of the work transferred to China before Glory and I left Vancouver so that our progress is less affected by the internet firewall. Here is a screen-shot of our latest overall progress, as you can see, we are wrapping up animation production and pending to have all the visual material due by the end of June.

Our second major change is about software license transfer, which gives us a headache when we begin to work on new computers. We are having a problem exporting a certain file format which was fine when we were on our old working station. This is something that we are troubled with until this morning. We are lucky to get in contact with Tianru, who is still in Vancouver and willing to help us exporting files. Alike Tianru, there are many more people who join in and help us to overcome problems during this hard time. I want to express my appreciation to all of them, and express this gratitude for our team as well; Thank you! There is more good news coming up: Our musician Maotui, JOJO, and their band MISS FUTURE have successfully released their new songs for summer and we are working together to adding new thoughts in our music writing. That means a piece of new music is coming up soon! Meanwhile, we have prepared some sequences for our dear compositor Lorena, and please look forward to seeing more rendered clips from her! By then, I will post these progress online to get comments, and you are welcome to leave your thought! Although we are separate from each other, the kindness flows in messages that make me feels I am close to my dear friends more than ever. I wish the day that we are sets together and watching the film can come sooner, I am ready to bring cakes and pizza and tons of snakes for everyone:) Let's have more chat online!


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