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Hi, I am
ur friendly production pal

Thank you for your interest in me!

I bring practical experience in successfully managing remote international teams, particularly fluent in both English and Chinese, to deliver animation shorts within demanding deadlines.

Moreover, my background as designer contributing to animation series and feature-length films offers a distinct advantage in communicating with fellow artists. These experiences have deepened my understanding of intricate production pipelines, equipping me with the skills to design efficient workflows for future projects.

I appreciate your understanding that showcasing production work while respecting NDAs can be delicate. I've curated some general materials here to offer you a glimpse into my daily production practises.

I hope you enjoy it! 👉

Production sheets example

Below is a rough example of budget sheets, milestones and consolidated forms tailored for international Film Festival submissions.


I mainly use Excel and Google Docs for those kinds of sheets. ( Please note that the specific figures and dates presented in the chart have been altered) 

Teaching undergrad class

I am extremely honoured to be invited to teach in the animation production course at TECNOLÓGICO DE MONTERREY (The Institute of Technology and Higher Education) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Beginning in the Fall semester of 2023, my lectures will offer students a quick dive into the industry-standard production software Shotgrid. I will also share my insights on effectively managing global artist teams for product animation shorts remotely. (The class is conducted in English.)

Project pitch example

The following project was successfully sold to Bilibili. The full pitch is written in English and Chinese and includes a trailer video, the complete first season's storyline and details regarding the collaborating artists and studios.


The example below is extracted from an initial WIP English version for showcase purposes only, meaning the exampled contents are no longer associated with the final product.

Handy documents for artist

I have the habit of taking notes and writing handouts along the production to help artist quickly gets their hand on tasks: "How to paint with Toon Boom?" "how to animate with TVP?" "What to be aware of when handing in my tasks?" etc.


I wrote in both English and Chinese, depending on my team's needs; this growing library is something I am truly proud of.

Get in touch

Herong Cube 


Canada:  +1 7786830317

China: +86 15940354897

Thanks for submitting!

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