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05 Back From Winter Holiday!

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

YO! Friends! Long time no see!

I miss you guys!

Holiday mode is done and now we are back in intense production. First thing first, Let's see some more progress of the film now:


Message from our sound designer and music composer, dear Aarit: He has sadly broke his hard drive in the past month. So the music progress is a bit behind scheduled here( We are on the First Demo of soundtrack, which ideally should be on Second Demo by the end of February) We will catch up, yeah we will.

Here is a link to the First Demo,PLEASE Let us know what you think:



Our next stage is get the Second Demo done by the first week of March.

BG Render

Message from our great modeler, Jane: We did a pretty good test about rending a few shots in the film. The texture are painted with brushstroke to imitate a drawing looking. Word is useless in explaining visuals, let me bring on some of the images:)

Our next stage is to block all the camera with BG and first pass animation in next animatic, which will be done by the first week of January.


(Animation loop of guards running/ By Cat)

We have a new animatic with all the shots numbered( numbering down scenes really help us to keep organize in production, especially when files are transferring all around:)

Here is a chart that list what these shots are and who are in charge of doing them, take a look:

I will post the new animatic next week, the changes are that we have removed a few shots and we have add in few more shots. The good thing is, now the film is nail down in around 2:30( It was 3 min last year) and we are more confident to finish in a good quality.

See you guy next time!


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