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06 How is the team working?

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Hey, how was it going! I am here with more updates!!!

Background Render with Maya and Nuke

So, in the past month, our awesome 3D rendering artist, Jane, had 10 background fully rendered. I am giving her a hard time to ask all renders in separate passes ( For example,a corridor scene will have single layers for ground plate, sidewalls, lighting and doors...).

Another headache was when we putting them back as one layer, Nuke(compositing software)is creating some weird gaps between layers, and some image just turn purple.

Luckily we fix this crash and the future render should be going smooth. (pray)

Meanwhile, we are locking down cameras in Maya to make the angle the same as our 2D drawings. To set the perfect angle, we go back and forth in Maya render snapshot and toon boom harmony animation. Also, we break some models to cheat the look in front of camera.

This is a lot of fun, I promise I will have 2D characters on 3D background in my next film, hahahaha. ( talking with dead brain)

Animation with Toon Boom Harmony

The animation is pending to finish by the end of March, we already have half of the film cleaned up by this time, so I have faith in it :)

I really appreciate that Darren and dear classmates from ANIM 336 are being super supportive and gives good advice on my character animation, as well as Sharon and Jerry who drop by my station and coloring some shots for me. I love you guys!

Everything is coming together now, in next update, I will pullout a movie file with characters set in the rendered background.

Communicate with teammates

Communication seems easy, but it is not like that. I am glad I have this opportunity to learn how to lead a team for my grad-film project, and actually making more friends while working with my team.

I got to know how people are working differently, the way they deal with stress and menage their time are good cases to study. By working in a team, I feel I am getting better in giving clear instruction, patiently listen and teaching, as well as decompose and organize tasks.

Since you might be interest to know how we work between software for this film, (also for keeping a note to myself), I upload the guidelines that I send to my lovely teammates:

Got question or wanna chat with me about this film? Feel free to leave commons!!!!


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