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#3 Our full animatic & some in-side tutorial

Hello hello! This post is going to be a video post, cus we have three videos ready to show you!

First is that we have finished our final animatic after 7 drafts(may be 10?) . We believe the time spend on pre-production is worthy, but as the team manager, I have to stop Glory,our dear directer,to starts another draft :) We always wishes we have unlimited time to polish our work,who doesn't ? But I think she already did a great job on this animatic, take a look and you will agree with me.

Even we won't be able to make big changes till this point, we are still open for critique! and If you want to join the team, as animator/ illustrator/voice actor...simply left common or contact me!

Here is the full animatic:

And for working better with our new animation team, I have also prepared two tutorials for them to get going with our coloring and clean line pipeline. Hope you enjoy them!



December is coming guys! Time goes by sooooo fast!!!!!


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