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Project YIJI(The Other) Blog Start !

Hello hello !

Project YIJI is starting now, it is a three minute animated film which combine 2D character on 3D background. Herong will be working with a groups of firends on this project as her graduation film. Also, the team will be starting a crowd-founding on Kickstarter and looking forward for surpport.

New to the story? Let me quickly summs it up :

The story starts with a boy named Ethan, who belive himself entering a game world. Later on, Ethan follows a sphere robot and find out his ability to open anydoor in this world. However, his blindly trust on the robot makes him ends up get used by it, and hoplessly died in the end.

This blog will be keep updating the progress of YIJI, please feel free to left commons, we would like to hear from you and together make the film better!


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